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In 2025, Rotherham will become the world's first Children's Capital of Culture. It's a big title for a borough with a big dream.

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Created by children and young people, for everyone. Right here in Rotherham. Coming in 2025.

365 extraordinary days. One whole year of imagination, creativity and community. Packed with music and magic. Dance and drama. Films and food. Exhibitions and events. And much, much more.

The journey starts now! Between February and June 2022, we want to give every child and young person in Rotherham a chance to help shape their borough's future. Get hands-on with creative activities. Be dazzled by performances and art. And join in making plans for 2025.

And we will also be using this time to give young people in Rotherham more life-changing training and skills opportunities than they've ever had before!

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Are you ready to become Children's Capital of Culture 2025?

Together, we will make Rotherham a place that young people are proud to call home.

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Thank You!

Children's Capital of Culture 2025 is designed and delivered by children and young people in partnership with a range of organisations and funders, and we would like to thank them for their support.

We would also like to thank the 55 young producers who are working behind the scenes to bring you a taste of what an incredible year 2025 could be!

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